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ER Magazine: A Publication Total Solution

The Electronic Retailing Association (ERA) was looking for a publishing partner to breathe new life into its industry magazine, ER, and produce fresh digital offerings, including a bimonthly electronic newsletter and magazine microsite. As a total solutions client, ERA found the solution to all of their editorial, design, interactive services, media sales, and printing and mailing needs under one roof.

The YGS Group performed a total overhaul of the magazine. Editorial developed catchy section headings, restructured columns, and industry-relevant features. Marketing Services revamped the masthead, increased margins, and created compelling designs, giving the magazine a modern feel. Media Sales launched a more robust digital offering through website, microsite, e-newsletter, and online member directory ad sales.

YGS also designed and developed the ER microsite, an online showcase of the print magazine. Additional elements were included to engage visitors: web exclusive articles, user commenting abilities, and a Twitter feed.

The YGS Group also redesigned ERA's bimonthly newsletter, ER Online, which features association and member news and events, web exclusives, and magazine highlights.

Feedback on the new magazine was, and still is overwhelmingly positive. The leader of the ERA Editorial Advisory Board commented: "This is the best the magazine has looked in over 10 years."

In addition, Media Sales secured 39 percent new advertisers, more than 10 percent above average.

In less than a year since its launch, the microsite grew to an average of 1,300 unique visitors a month, and the number continues to climb.

ER Online's open rate has increased, ad sales have remained consistent, and a brand new "advertorial" section of the newsletter has been well received.

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