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AICC – The Independent Packaging Association

Website Redesign


AICC was in need of a website redesign. They were looking for updated navigation and a modern and brand-cohesive look and feel to attract their target audiences and make it easy for visitors to find information, register for events, renew their membership, and purchase products. With an upcoming revamp to their AMS, it made sense to integrate the redesign as part of an overall website initiative. YGS was tasked with the website redesign to enable AICC to make their mark.


YGS began with a stakeholder meeting discuss AICC goals and objectives, and to glean insight into audience motivators for visiting the site.

Key learnings from the stakeholder meeting informed every aspect of the website redesign, from the sitemap navigation, to the page layouts, to the colors and fonts selected for each page. YGS developed a new sitemap for the website, which introduced a new hierarchy for top-level navigation and some new categories for secondary and tertiary navigation. YGS designed wireframes for the homepage and more than 20 additional pages, all of which represented unique sections of the website.

YGS design and web experts worked collaboratively with AICC’s development team throughout the process to deliver functional assets that AICC could use when developing the new site.


The AICC site was developed with their audience and brand in mind. Through the use of a content management system and updated association management system, AICC can manage and update the website with ease, while site visitors can utilize single sign on to renew their membership, register for events, and purchase products. Feedback from AICC staff and members regarding the new design and enhanced visitor experience has been positive since the launch.

“The YGS Group was an instrumental partner to AICC throughout the redesign of They understood our goals, and translated them into a website that is functionally smart and easy to navigate, visually appealing, and brand cohesive.”
–Virginia Humphrey, Director of Membership

Success Stories

American Society for Microbiology

Audience Analysis and Communications Strategy

The American Society for Microbiology (ASM) General Meeting is a large-scale annual event where microbiology students and post-docs gather to share cutting-edge findings and network with colleagues and leaders to help further their studies, research, and careers. Over the last few years, attendees voiced frustration around understanding everything that happens at the meeting and their ability to plan a schedule that maximizes their meeting experience. ASM sought out The YGS Group to uncover key learnings about their attendees and determine how meeting resources could be optimized to deliver the best overall meeting experience to attendees.

To gain a deeper understanding of how meeting attendees currently utilize conference resources, including marketing and communications materials and digital and mobile tools, YGS led six audience analysis sessions at the ASM General meeting. Through strategic conversations, YGS culled key insights from participant attendees to assess how they currently engage with, and leverage, General Meeting resources and communications materials. Discussions were guided toward identifying consensus points and majority preferences among attendees.

Audience analysis sessions resulted in a Key Learnings Report that informed a Resource and Communications Cycle plan and a Communications Map. ASM used the plan and map to create a strategy for next year’s General Meeting that effectively targeted meeting attendees and helped them optimize their meeting experience.

Success Stories

National Association for College Admission Counseling

Association Rebrand & Content Marketing


The National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) aimed to reinforce and expand the organization’s leadership position to target audiences. NACAC sought out YGS to help the organization develop verbal and visual brand elements that would emphasize and further bolster its position as the ultimate go-to expert on all things related to college admission counseling.

YGS research initiatives including strategic stakeholder interviews and resource analysis. Brand strategy deliverables included a messaging platform, communication audits (digital and print), brand architecture/sub-brand evaluation and specification, parent and sub-brand design elements, and template development. YGS also developed an accessible, usability-focused Brand Standards Guide for NACAC to ensure brand compliance within NACAC walls and with contract communicators and organization partners.

The comprehensive brand-building initiative for NACAC was aimed at positioning NACAC as a leading resource for information for its target audiences. YGS created messaging and visual consistency for the organization to maximize marketing outreach efforts and create cost and time efficiencies for its communications staff.

Check out NACAC’s new logo launch announcement here.


NACAC’S investment in relevant research that directly impacts target audiences is significant; however, leveraging that investment into information that reaches and engages target audiences proved difficult. NACAC partnered with YGS to develop a Content Marketing strategy to position the organization for success through the dissemination of content that strategically reaches, and resonates with members, counseling and admission professionals, students, parents and the media.

Through a strategic content marketing initiative, YGS uncovered topic-drivers and channel preferences for NACAC’s audiences segments so that content can be successfully customized and amortized to increase its value and further position NACAC as the leading, expert voice in college admission counseling. The comprehensive content marketing strategy included audience channel and impact information research, content criteria, content amortization, base content creation and an execution calendar.

NACAC communicators can now quickly and easily customize content by relevance, and distribute it through channels that specifically reach and resonate with distinguished target audiences.

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