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Success Stories

Tax Executives Institute, Inc.

Membership Marketing Campaign

The Strategy
Having already established a sucessful partnership with YGS through the Tax Executive publication, TEI enlisted YGS to produce a strategic membership growth campaign with a goal to increase membership by 10%, or 700 new members over a 12-month period. 

The Execution
YGS identified TEI membership value propositions and developed the ACCESS GRANTED campaign theme with corresponding messages and design elements. These elements were then executed consistently across all campaign tactics. Campaign tactics included testimonial videos, a membership brochure, a direct mail kit, and event signage. 

YGS also developed a Marketing Automation Portal (MAP™) for TEI, complete with customizable campaign templates. Chapter leaders can utilize ACCESS GRANTED materials, while TEI marketing leaders can ensure campaign brand consistency and compliance. 

A campaign how-to guide was created for national chapter leaders and YGS trained them on how to successfully execute the campaign to optimize results. Phase two of the campaign, which includes the development of additional outreach materials, is now in progress. 

The Results
Overall, the campaign has increased membership by an overwhelming 46%. Ecstatic with the outcome, TEI is now working with YGS to update their website and do more cross promotion at their future events, including the development of three additional testimonial videos.

“YGS brought together outstanding creative and editorial talent to help scope out our vision for a global membership recruitment strategy; they accurately translated that vision into a comprehensive campaign, which met both our aggressive implementation timetable and budget. YGS’ collaborative approach made every interaction a positive one. We rely heavily on our chapters to recruit new members, and they are very enthusiastic to have this flexible set of tools ready for them to implement.”

—Eli Dicker, Executive DirectorTax Executives Institute 

Success Stories

Thrive Causemetics

Corporate Marketing Collateral

The Strategy
Thrive Causemetics is a new company that produces an organic line of cosmetics that are both vegan and crueltyfree. It is also the first and only luxury beauty brand with a one-for-one giving model: For every product purchased, they donate one to a woman going through cancer treatment. Thrive reached out to YGS to further evolve the brand.

The Execution
Our first project was to develop a CMYK formula for print that matched Thrive’s existing brand color—a turquoise hue. Through the development of 20 different color swatches, YGS gained approval from Thrive on a CMYK build during the first proofing round! This color value will be applied to all product shots and print products, allowing for guaranteed brand color consistency across the board.

YGS continues to support Thrive Causemetics through the production of corporate collateral and promotional materials.

The Results
“We received the inserts yesterday and they look fantastic! The quality is so much better! Thanks for all your hard work on them.”
—Annie Schultz, Brand Director,
Thrive Causemetics

Thrive has its sights set on growth, and as that growth occurs, YGS remains at the ready to meet any demands that may arise—design, photography, color correction, social media, and more. YGS is thrilled about this exciting opportunity to not only collaborate with a growing startup, but also to be a part of such a worthy cause!