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Success Stories

ASHP Foundation

Pharmacy Leadership Academy pURL Campaign

YGS worked with the ASHP Foundation to develop and execute the strategy for a cross-media pURL campaign to promote the Foundation’s Pharmacy Leadership Academy. The main goal of the campaign was to garner 70 applicants for the program. A secondary goal was to learn more about potential applicants and their interest in and understanding of the academy.

Through research and strategy development, audience-targeted copywriting, creative design, digital services, printing, and mailing, YGS developed and deployed a successful campaign for the Pharmacy Leadership Academy along with a full ROI analysis of the campaign to ensure all key learnings were captured and could be referenced for future use.

The marketing plan included a unique direct mail campaign and timely outreach emails, which directed recipients to visit a personalized URL (pURL). The pURL site provided target-relevant information about the academy, along with a survey.

In less than two months, the pURL campaign site generated a 10% visit rate with 6.5% of the target recipients completing the survey. The ASHP Foundation surpassed its applicant goal, with a total of 74 individuals registering for the Academy program, and four registering in advance for the following year. In addition, 84 survey respondents mentioned they were interested in applying for a future year.

As strategized, the integrated campaign attracted an increased number of applicants and raised awareness for the Pharmacy Leadership Academy. The feedback garnered from the pURL survey also provided the Foundation with valuable information that has guided marketing efforts and planning for future campaigns.

Success Stories

American Society of Interior Designers

Marketing Automation Portal (MAP) and Design

The American Society of Interior Designers was struggling with brand consistency as a result of decentralized marketing efforts executed by its 40+ volunteer-led state chapters. After making an investment in a full re-brand for the association, ASID needed a way to ensure all national chapters could easily adhere to the new brand guidelines.

ASID partnered with YGS to produce a marketing automation portal, where ASID’s national chapter and its affiliated state chapters could easily customize print and digital brand-compliant collateral, including stationery, event materials, postcards, brochures, e-newsletters, and more. YGS built and launched the portal and continues to proactively assist ASID’s dispersed chapter communication leads and industry partners, such as Duron Paints and Restoration Hardware. With access to ASID-branded materials, industry partners can leverage their connection to ASID in the promotion of products to the interior design community.

Utilizing the brand standards established by ASID, YGS has designed and executed close to 100 templates, and that number continues to grow as new opportunities arise. Users are able to log in to the portal to select, customize, and order print-on-demand materials that run on YGS’ digital presses and ship out from YGS facilities. The portal’s real-time data and tracking provide valuable order information to ASID portal administrators.

The timely and efficient manner in which YGS designs new templates and prints and mails the orders has contributed significantly to the continued growth of the ASID brand. MAP has encouraged consistent brand adherence across national and state chapters, and has created significant time and cost efficiencies in the printing and dissemination of electronic and print materials. YGS received an Award of Excellence from the Printing & Graphics Association MidAtlantic for the ASID Student campaign, in which a variety of brand-compliant pieces were produced, including postcards, flyers, and brochures.