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YGS SPECS: It’s time to view something new

YGS SPECS: It’s time to view something new

Through implementing cutting-edge technology, The YGS Group creates engaging, innovative experiences for our customers, and our customers’ customers. This holiday season, we’ve launched our very own virtual reality experience, YGS SPECS.

YGS SPECS was created to share an exciting and unique engagement opportunity with our clients and friends. Different from other virtual reality experiences, YGS SPECS is web-based, which makes your virtual reality experience possible without ever needing to download an app.

Jason Deller illustrating Virtual Reality scene assetsYGS’ team of creative designers and digital marketing developers collaborated to make YGS SPECS possible, from the YGS SPECS viewer design, to the hand-drawn illustrations that make up the YGS Holiday Spectacular VR scene, to the custom developed, web-based VR scene that works with your desktop, smartphone, and YGS SPECS or similar Google Cardboard compatible viewers.

If you haven’t heard much about virtual reality yet, get ready, because it’s about to be everywhere. The New York Times recently mailed one million Google Cardboard viewers to their readers to promote their new VR content, and a number of popular brands will be launching VR headsets in 2016.

Matt Roy, Digital Marketing Director at The YGS Group, has had an interest in virtual reality as the technology has developed over the years, and he has been eager to be a part of its growth and application.

Matt Roy developing WebVR wxperience“Consumer technology has finally caught up to our technological abilities in terms of VR. Now, we can use VR to more deeply engage audiences, without worrying about the complexities that used to be involved in producing or sharing VR experiences,” says Roy.

Virtual reality, never a truly accessible technology until now, is the marriage of stereoscopy and head tracking technology. Stereoscopy can be traced back to the 1830’s, predating modern photography, and is a technique for creating or enhancing the illusion of depth in an image. Head tracking, simply put, is using the motion of your head to control interactive technology.

With the improved accelerometers and graphics in modern smartphones, coupled with advancements in HTML5 and WebGL, web-based Virtual Reality experiences can now run natively in the browser, right on your phone.

Join The YGS Group as we marvel in the recent advancements of VR technology while celebrating the season through our launch of YGS SPECS and our Holiday Spectacular! And remember to stay tuned for more VR experiences, coming in 2016!
You can experience YGS SPECS with any smartphone, desktop computer, or Google Cardboard compatible viewer.

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