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YGS Makes an Impression in Seattle

YGS Makes an Impression in Seattle

As a publishing and marketing solutions company, YGS team members in every department are often asked questions that can sometimes be difficult to summarize in a short answer. This is especially true at the YGS location in Seattle, where current clients and prospects are unfamiliar with the YGS name and our capabilities.

John Turville, vice president and general manager of YGS’ Seattle location, answered one of the most common questions asked in the Pacific Northwest, and there are many elements to the answer.

“How is YGS differentiated from other print and graphic communications companies in the Seattle Market?”

  1. We are large enough to have national distribution from York and Seattle using our two facilities. With the expansion of services into the YGS Seattle location, customers on both sides of the country reap the benefits of the bicoastal operation. We understand the cost impacts of mailing and work to find the most efficient shipping routes, coast-to-coast.
  2. We are small enough to be nimble and create customized communication solutions at an affordable price for our clients. So often, customer feedback comes in saying “thanks for getting this done in a pinch!” It’s important to us that we produce quality material, and that it isn’t diminished when there are tight deadlines. Regardless of your price point, the premium results are the same across the board, and across the country.
  3. We are not just talented, but we are a creative group who loves what we do. Excitement about a project can’t be fabricated, and those characteristics come through in the pieces YGS produces. It’s important to have skilled team members, but a passionate team is also crucial to the process.
  4. We offer custom total communications solutions, whether it involves print or not. Not everyone is after print services, and we understand that. We have optimized our offerings to serve our clients’ needs beyond print, including web development and marketing initiatives. We’re not opposed to getting our feet wet when it comes to new endeavors for any kind of client!
  5. We are automation driven and our investments can prove it. We’ve invested in developing services to not only automate our backend processes, but the front-end processes for our clients as well. Each department works to make our clients’ jobs as simple and seamless as possible.

The YGS Group continues to expand its reach throughout the country, and YGS’ Seattle location is a great example of how to translate custom publishing solutions into a mainly corporate customer base. YGS looks forward to the possibilities, and works hard to answer even the most difficult questions.