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YGS Group Sells It on Total Solutions

YGS Group Sells It on Total Solutions

Almost a decade ago, CEO Jim Kell was mulling on the idea that there were additional opportunities for what was then-printing company York Graphics Services. The transition to becoming The YGS Group was in play, and the focus became professional and trade associations. These niche groups created a unique client base because the leaders and the members are the best of the best in their fields; they know what they’re talking about when it comes to their specific industries.

What most of these associations don’t have, however, is publishing expertise. Luckily for them, The YGS Group employs the leaders in marketing services, editorial services, media sales, and print to show them the way.

One of our missions as a publishing company is to fully utilize our team of publishing industry leaders help association leaders put together a fully customized, topically relevant, and visually appealing magazine. Such is the Total Solutions offering.

Associations that participate in Total Solutions opt in to at least three of our service offerings. This can be any combination of media sales, editorial services, marketing services, and print operations.

The following pillars keep our Total Solutions’ clients coming back each year. These ideals help us build successful client relationships, and could help you build your client base, even if you’re not in the magazine business.

  • Transparency: When we partner with our clients, it’s a priority for us to show them our direction with their product. The association drives its involvement across all elements of the Total Solutions program. We offer best practice solutions and the association tells us how those best practices apply to their industry.
  • Customization: Just because most of our clients are associations doesn’t mean they have the same publication or marketing initiative. Each association caters to a very specific audience, and we meet the needs of the association executives and their members by offering customized content, design, and marketing details. This ensures the publication is a No. 1 value to the members.
  • Access to experts: Our experts are our clients’ experts. There is nothing about association publishing that we don’t share. The process is an educational experience from all sides.
  • Ownership: We may curate content, design the pages, sell the ads, and print the books, but it’s imperative for our clients to know the publication still belongs to the association. Allowing the client to be involved in each step of the process and keep their association stamp on the final product guarantees the members and their industry are truly the focus.

Total Solutions has expanded our client base exponentially over the past decade. We take pride in the relationships we develop with our clients, and we offer each one a truly unique experience, to go along with their unique industries and member needs. In the end, Total Solutions packages combined with our expertise and open-door policy provide a service that is difficult to find anywhere else.