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YGS Does the Safety Dance

YGS Does the Safety Dance

The new year is all about setting resolutions. In 2016, YGS is looking to its Safety Team for continued focus on the safety of employees and guests. The Safety Team is a volunteer group of YGS employees from various departments. They meet monthly to discuss safety concerns and awareness, and develop action plans to share with the rest of the company.

The YGS Group has a unique hybrid business environment, since corporate offices and the production plant share the same building. Because of this, all employees are held to the same high standards of safety education and awareness. The Safety Team provides updates to the entire YGS staff and is a go-to resource for safety questions and issues.

Throughout 2015, The YGS Group saw employee growth and with that comes building expansion and reorganization. As more employees join YGS and others relocate in the building, it’s important to share safety information with people in their new spaces.

Safety Team Chairman Brian Hershey says with these changes, fire safety and evacuation processes are a priority for 2016.

“We are working on our fire evacuation processes, taking into consideration the expanded areas and changing office spaces. We’re going to have to keep educating everyone on evacuation and fire safety protocol.”

To bolster these efforts, YGS has regular fire drills and employees are informed of external meeting locations in the event of an emergency. YGS Safety Team member and Shipping and Facilities Manager Brad Stonesifer held fire extinguisher and CPR training onsite.

The Safety Team communicates to YGS employees with a safety question posed every month and holds a spot in the company newsletter to report on safety tips. There is also a bulletin board with seasonal safety information in the main hallway. In addition to the Safety Team, YGS also has a Medical Emergency Reponse Team (MERT), which can provide basic first aid to those in need.

In 2016, consider the safety of your employees and guests, and propose starting a safety team of your own. Here’s to a safe and healthy New Year!

For YGS employees that are interested in joining the Safety Team, contact Brian Hershey.