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What Are You About?

What Are You About?

Last week we discussed the importance of using all available marketing and customer service avenues, especially the oft-ignored free one in your email signature. Today’s post carries the same idea through to your website: making the most of your About Us page to ensure sure your potential clients know who you are, what you do, and, perhaps most importantly, why they should choose you.

The About Us page is one of the most important marketing tools your website should utilize. The YGS Group recently redesigned the website and separated the About Us page into two: Why Us? and Our Story. This allows visitors to get the information that’s most important to them without having to go through a lot of clunky text. Why Us? has a short blurb that lets readers know our expertise, then leads into our portfolio. Our Story gives visitors the company history and then introduces employees individually in a visually appealing and unique way. Additionally, all the art used on each page is actual sales material. While using stock images can be tempting and save time, it’s important that you show off the work you actually use with clients in more places than just the portfolio.

Have you ever met someone in person after talking on the phone or over email and they say, “You don’t look at all like I pictured!” People love to know what the person they’re corresponding with looks like. The YGS Group has helped out the masses by providing a Meet & Greet page. Offering pictures of the people who lead your organization to success is a great way for potential clients to feel connected from the beginning. They know when they pick up the phone or send the initial contact email that Kelly has friendly brown eyes or that Pat is a man with dimples.

There are many ways to inject personality into your About Us page as well. The YGS Group offers interesting facts about each employee when hovering over the photo. Other possibilities like funny group photos, company events, or client meetings that show your staff at their most relaxed are great examples of how to display the character of your organization. However, be sure this personality pairs well with your brand. If you are passionate about your company and its mission, staying true to yourself and your brand won’t be difficult to achieve simultaneously.

When someone visits your website for the first time, chances are they’re going to want to know about your company and why doing business with you is their best option. If you use your About Us page to provide useful information and true insights into your business, they should be left with no questions except “Where do I sign?”