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Welcoming Change in the Workplace

Welcoming Change in the Workplace

We’ve all heard the cliché “the only constant is change.” The very nature of change is that it has an impact on how you operate day-to-day. It’s understandable that change within your organization—whether positive or negative—can have a legitimate affect on productivity and morale in the office. It’s important to remember, though, that change in business is rarely the result of a snap decision, and in most cases, the work you had to do yesterday is still relevant today. Here a few recommendations for taking workplace change in stride and being a key player in helping your colleagues make smooth transitions.

Maintain a positive attitude. Regardless of the nature of change in your organization, it’s important to remain optimistic. Research even supports the theory that simply smiling will physiologically make you feel happier, and that smiles are literally contagious.

Don’t ignore your co-workers’ struggles. Even if your workflow and morale aren’t affected by the change, other people in your organization in some way or another most likely are. If your colleagues are more slowly adapting to the change, be gracious and respectful, and don’t brush off concerns as an inability to acclimate to the new way of life at work.

Be available and offer resources for employees. The American Psychological Association suggests talking it out as one great way to reduce stress. Being a good listener, and promoting an environment where people feel safe and respected sharing their concerns (or enthusiasms) will get everyone one step closer to contentedness. Coordinate with human resources to make sure the needs for support are appropriately met.

Every experience, from departing colleagues to promotions, from acquisitions to new business partnerships, will have some affect on the workflow and policies within your organization. Here at The YGS Group, we encourage an open-door policy among managers and their team members at all times, but especially when the status quo is altered. Keeping a positive outlook and being open about yours and others’ reactions to change will serve to establish a culture of accepting and embracing change as a team.