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The Virtual Reality Revolution: YGS SPECS

The Virtual Reality Revolution: YGS SPECS


The YGS Group launched its first virtual reality product YGS SPECS last winter, thrilling audiences with the interactive YGS holiday scene. YGS SPECS viewers were delivered to YGS clients as a thank you for another great year, and the rave reviews poured in.


“My clients were thrilled to receive an interactive gift this year that showed off many different YGS capabilities,” said Matt Meyers, VP of sales. “This dynamic project highlighted our strengths and introduced potential opportunities to our clients.”


With virtual reality quickly becoming one of the fastest growing technology sectors in the publishing industry, which is rightly taking cues from the success of VR games (Pokemon Go) and wearable technology (Oculus Rift), the design and development teams at YGS couldn’t wait to get started on another YGS SPECS project.


YGS SPECS users get a sneak-peek into a YGS office with our current scene, Results 2016, which includes a special appearance from YGS East’s furry friend, Dame. The scene showcases illustrations that decorate YGS walls and may look familiar to clients and prospects who received our Marketing Total Solutions campaign earlier in the year.


So, what’s on the horizon for YGS SPECS?


Keep your eyes open, and order your free YGS SPECS viewer to get ready for the next big venture in virtual reality from YGS.