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Utilizing All Your Options: Content Marketing

Utilizing All Your Options: Content Marketing

Content marketing strategy isn’t just the responsibility of your marketing team. Everyone who engages with your content—blogs, social media, even print pieces—becomes a part of your larger content marketing stratosphere. And, of course, how you engage back and how you engage outside your own space continues to broaden the arena.

Exploring alternative or new spaces in which to share your message is a great way to take your content marketing strategy to the next level. Here at The YGS Group, we are no strangers to exploration, and as a result, expanding our product and service offerings and our client base. What began decades ago as a print manufacturing company has grown into a multifaceted communications firm, maintaining deep roots in high-quality customer service and expert creative solutions.

As part of our content marketing journey, we recently partnered with Folio: to establish a presence on Folio: Partner Studio. In this space, we can share our message with people and companies in the media publishing industry that may be unfamiliar with our expertise, products, and services. Utilizing this new content marketing space as another way to reach our target audiences is an opportunity we couldn’t pass up.

In order to effectively manage our additional online presence, we’ve incorporated the Folio: Partner Studio content into our master content marketing strategy. It’s become a part of our editorial calendar and planning meetings, and for added exposure, we’re promoting the content via email and social media. While the topics we discuss on Folio: Partner Studio are relevant to many of our customers and prospects, we take the time to develop custom content specifically for the media publishing audience that visits Folio: Partner Studio on a regular basis.

Check out our article, “Content is King”, for more on the effectiveness of content marketing, and continue to visit this blog and The YGS Group on Folio: Partner Studio for exclusive content.