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Total Solutions, Total Success

Total Solutions, Total Success

Earlier this year we discussed the pillars of our Total Solutions offering and how to be successful in combining like services. Now it’s time to explore specific success stories of the Total Solutions kind with two of our newest clients, Tax Executives Institute, Inc. (TEI), and the National Association of College Admission Counselors (NACAC). Both associations reached out to The YGS Group for complete redesign solutions for their print publications. The audiences of these two publications are vastly different—corporate tax attorneys and college admission counselors—so while we offered the associations the same types of services, the approach, the process, and the delivery were all tailored to produce the right product for both clients.

TEI was looking for a complete redesign of their magazine, Tax Executive, but they wanted to retain the professional integrity of the publication, which included a section of technical submissions. The YGS Group hadn’t worked in depth on a publication that included such a section before, but it was hardly cause for concern. The content architecture of the magazine was constructed around the remaining technical submissions, so readers would get the best of both worlds: A news magazine with reports on member, chapter, and association activities and a current and informational feature well, along with the highly respected technical submissions from colleagues.

The design elements complemented the updated content architecture, including modern lines, a muted but inviting color palette, and illustrated covers to offer an imaginative take on a potentially challenging subject matter. Readers also have the help of color-coded section headings and symbols to guide them through the magazine, and a good balance of white space and text makes the publication read smoothly.

In addition to publication assistance, TEI wanted to enhance the digital experience for their readers. In response, The YGS Group interactive services team put together a microsite, which features magazine content in an easy-to-navigate Web format that mirrors the publication design concept.

With the first YGS-produced issue released just last month, the positive response from the association and its readership has been pouring in. TEI’s Executive Director Eli Dicker was thrilled with the transformation and has heard only great things from members: “The style, creativity, balance, and overall freshness of the product are terrific. I have already received several comments from longstanding members expressing how pleased they are with the magazine’s new design elements, crisp writing style, and overall appearance. Bravo!”

The microsite goes live later this month, and we are optimistic about the response from TEI and its members.

Stay tuned for the NACAC publication redesign story in next week’s post, and connect with us on social media for case studies featuring other Total Solutions clients coming later this month!