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Total Solutions, Total Success—Part 2

Total Solutions, Total Success—Part 2

Last week we went in depth on the redesign of Tax Executive, the publication of Tax Executives Institute, Inc. This week we’re telling another success story, but with a completely different audience and priority list: The Journal of College Admission, the publication of the National Association of College Admission Counselors (NACAC).

NACAC wanted to start 2015 off with a redesigned magazine and get all necessary services in one place—editorial, design, and marketing—which is where The YGS Group came into play.

One of the main goals NACAC looked to achieve with the publication redesign was to make the Journal a more accessible publication for their broad member base. The first editorial move was to transition the features to be more news oriented, as opposed to dense journal articles. The YGS editorial team also collaborated with NACAC editorial staff to redevelop column headings, reorganize the magazine makeup, and incorporate strategic entry points. Design developed icons for each new section, as well as full-page section intros to guide readers easily through the magazine. Artful spreads filled the feature well, continuing visual interest from cover to cover.

With the release of the Winter 2015 issue, NACAC shared the excitement surrounding the updated publication by making a video to guide readers through the new design. Additionally, the association invited members and readers to share their experience with the revitalized magazine, posting photos and spreading the word on Twitter through the use of the hashtag #nacacjca.

Now that the first new issue has been released, NACAC is partnering with The YGS Group to develop a complete social media process. Marketing and Editorial Services are assisting in the development of a social media calendar and helping the association deliver the most important information in the best formats for each specific platform and audience.

The relationship continues to evolve and YGS is excited about what the future holds.

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