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The YGS Group Restructures Content Sales & Licensing Division


The YGS Group Restructures Content Sales & Licensing Division

YORK, Pa., February 26, 2013—YGS recently transferred leadership of the Content Sales & Licensing (CS&L) division from Kelly Winkler to Executive Vice President, Erica Montgomery. Jenny Kintner, the former Marketing and Accounts Manager for the CS&L division, has been promoted to Group Manager of CS&L.

Montgomery and Kintner have both worked with the CS&L division for more than 10 years. Their knowledge and insight will prove beneficial to YGS’ publishing clients as the team continues to provide new products, services and solutions to reprint customers.

Former VP of CS&L and Editorial Services, Kelly Winkler, will focus her efforts solely on Editorial Services. The Editorial Services division of YGS has grown tremendously over the past three years and will further benefit from Winkler’s full-time management of the division.

This transition in leadership for CS&L and Editorial exemplifies the growth of the Publishing Solutions offering at YGS. Publishing Solutions includes CS&L, Editorial, Events and Media Sales.

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