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The Secret of Conference Show Dailies – Part 2

The Secret of Conference Show Dailies – Part 2

As we talked about in our last blog, conference Show Dailies are the secret key to really engaging with attendees at your conference. Show Dailies help to spur interest and educate attendees. They are also a great boost for advertisers and sponsors.

But how do they work? With The YGS Group we send one of our staff editors to manage the Show Daily onsite. Lori Racey, manager of the Editorial Services department, has been the onsite Show Daily editor for the American Dental Education Association’s (ADEA) annual conference for the last three years. As the she describes it, a lot of prep work goes on prior to the conference. A group of talented writers are assigned to attend specific sessions, they will write overviews and articles about the happenings throughout the event. A photographer is assigned to cover the event. The YGS Group also pre-sells ad space in the daily well before the conference starts.

Once the conference begins, the writers go to work. Each day they submit articles that go through a copy editor before arriving on Racey’s makeshift desk where she puts together all the elements needed to make the daily happen. Then, she says, “I provide the information to the designer so they know what goes on what page, proof for accuracy, and make sure everything we talked about and planned for, is in the issue. Then the designer sends me a proof, I make preliminary edits, return it to the designer who makes those changes and then I give it to the client and they review, and approve. The printer prints it and delivers it very early the next morning. When it is delivered, they text me so I know the eagle has landed, and the process starts all over again for the duration of the conference.”

A lot of work goes into each daily edition, so having an experienced coordinator is key. “Having me onsite at these events allows me to make sure everything works like clockwork and the client has nothing to worry about. That’s what I am there for–to take away all their stress–they have enough to do,” says Racey.

While the few days of the conference can be especially stressful, Racey says of her work with ADEA, “The board of directors have commented on how professional it looks and I know the association is appreciative of the work that goes into it. It’s a pleasure to produce something they are especially proud of.”

A Show Daily can be a valuable addition to your conference and it is a surefire way to create the magic that is editorial, so a professional, flawless daily should be what you go for. While attendees are dining and wrapping up for the day, the Show Daily team is making the magic happen. And what sponsor does not want to be part of that?