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The Secret of Conference Show Dailies, Part 1

Professional conferences deliver a lot of information to their attendees in a compact period of time and not everyone can be in all sessions or gatherings at once. A Show Daily is the secret weapon to engaging your conference attendees from all angles. It offers a great opportunity for attendees to review what has happened and what is still to come, and can pay for itself with advertisers and sponsors. Show Dailies are a valuable addition to your conference that can set your event apart. And Show Dailies show you care about your attendee–after all you worked that day, and into the night to bring first thing in the morning the news of yesterday and what’s to come today. The magic of the Show Daily!

So what is a Show Daily? It is a daily publication dealing only with the “news” from the conference it is produced for. According to Lori Racey, manager of the Editorial Services department for The YGS Group, the daily “reviews sessions from the previous day–highlighting information for attendees who weren’t able to attend all the sessions. Show Dailies also build excitement for things that are coming up next, so it is fresh in the minds of attendees.”

Lori has been the onsite managing editor for the American Dental Education Association’s annual conference for the last three years. “The attendees have come to look for the Show Daily each day of the conference. The eight–page daily is on their chairs waiting for them each morning and, in addition to highlighting the day’s events and what is coming up, there are photos from the previous day. Everyone always loves looking to see if their quote, photo, or interview made it into that issue.”

“By placing an ad and reminding folks that they’re there, vendors can drive attendees to their booths with the Show Daily,” says Lori.

A company’s annual conference is the one time each year when it can engage its members or clients on a personal level. A Show Daily can showcase the company’s communication and education abilities and can better reach out to advertisers and sponsors–especially when they see a professionally produced publication each day of the conference. As Lori says, “It’s a professional piece that emulates the look and feel of the entire conference.”

The next blog will describe how Show Dailies are created and how The YGS Group can help!