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The Integral Function of Your Website

The Integral Function of Your Website

The YGS Group has launched a brand new website. Since we put so much thought into the construction and design for ourselves, we thought we would share with you some of the thought processes and guiding principles we used.

Undertaking the construction of a website—whether it’s brand new or a complete overhaul—is an amazingly daunting task. While what a website does for your company may seem straightforward, it can easily lack definition. Many companies think of a website as a placeholder on the Internet to represent their company, but you need to think bigger than that.

Think of a website in terms of its function. What does it do to support your company objectives? The Human Resources department manages employees and their pay/benefits. The Sales department is responsible for getting the product in the hands of the customer. Every department in your company has a specific function, and so does your website. What role does your website play within the whole company?

Think about how your website should serve your company. Is it mainly an interactive advertisement about your services? Does your company use it as a method of information dissemination? Is it a resource for a larger community? Is it an online shopping center? Is it a way to communicate directly to your loyal customers? Understanding how your company’s website functions within the company to help meet its goals is an important question to answer at the outset.

If you understand how your website functions within the larger objectives of your company, you can better reach out to your core audience. Your website should function in a way that potential and current clients will expect and understand when they visit. Everything should be easily accessible and easy to digest. Hard to find materials can cause unnecessary client frustration. For example, a restaurant’s website may showcase the live music they have on Saturday nights on the homepage, but buries the link to their dinner menu. Sure, a customer might be interested to know about the live music, but will be really annoyed when they can’t find something as simple as a menu.

Clearly defining the function your website can give you a framework from which to build your homepage and supporting pages. Creating a website that can reach your audience in an effective way while fulfilling business goals is what every company should shoot for. By defining the role of the website and building it to fit your business plan, you will be assured of a website that will meet everyone’s needs.