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Take a Trip With MAP!

Take a Trip With MAP!

Many times, corporations with many departments or individual branches across the country have a difficult time balancing the marketing and information needs of their teams. Branding is especially important to keep consistent across the board. If material comes from a variety of sources without a way to verify its brand correctness, the brand can suffer. Our marketing automation portal, or MAP, meets this need as a one-stop-shop to fulfill these requirements.

In last week’s post we talked to several YGS team members about their organizational methods. While organization within our own office is key, we also offer many organizational tools to our clients as well. Every publication client develops a production schedule with their account manager and a magazine lineup with their editorial team, which allows them to plan ahead for editorial and advertising due dates. For our clients who need a steady stream of brand-specific marketing materials and information sheets, we offer the MAP system. This portal allows users to access custom content with just a few clicks of their mouse.

MAP is based online, which means our clients and their teams can access the system wherever they have an Internet connection. The database is tailored to each client, offering templates of the items that their teams use regularly. This system allows for each location to fill in the information that changes with each department or branch, such as contact information or operating hours. These items are available as print documents or in electronic forms.

In addition to having a “home base” for all your marketing and promotional needs, MAP also keeps track of previous orders. If there’s an information sheet that is ordered quarterly, MAP allows you to access your last order, make any necessary changes and then quickly reorder the product. If you’re worried about certain users or branches over-ordering, there’s also a budget control tool that will keep spending within a certain limit for a department or branch.

MAP allows our clients to have control over their information and access it whenever they need it. It’s a tool that takes the guesswork out of what materials to order, how much, and how often, which clears our clients’ schedules to make room for bigger ideas. Amy LaPorte, director of marketing automation, knows the MAP system delivers a service that is hard to beat. “These days everyone is required to do more work with less people. Our team prides itself on building solutions that make you more efficient in your day-to-day activities. This solution not only saves companies money, but also time—which can be the most valuable thing of all,” she says.