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Sustainability in Print and Manufacturing

Sustainability in Print and Manufacturing

As a medium-sized, urban printing company, The YGS Group recognizes the environmental impact our industry stands to make. That is why we’ve taken measures to control our footprint and make sure our clients and neighbors realize our commitment to environmental safety and accountability.

In honor of Earth Day last week (April 22), let’s recap the ways YGS goes green.

Print Management

Printing responsibly is a high priority for us at YGS, and it’s important that our clients know we produce with high-quality and eco-friendly printing materials. The YGS Group printing department is certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative and the Forest Stewardship Council in chain-of-custody printing, which means we know our paper products come from reliable and sustainable sources. In addition to the paper we offer our print customers, the ink that puts words on the page is also environmentally smart. At YGS we participate in the biorenewable content program, which means the ink we use to print is made of renewable resources, like plant materials, oils, and waxes.

With these environmentally conscious materials available throughout our printing department, our customers can rest assured their magazines, marketing materials, and other printed pieces are made out of sustainable materials. But the facility itself is also eco-conscious.

Corporate Responsibility

Along with environmental certifications in the print department, The YGS Group also takes into account the rest of the building and its potential affect on the environment. Energy and waste management are considered in the daily operations of our offices on the east and west coasts. We have recycling receptacles throughout the building for paper, cardboard, plastic, and aluminum cans, and waste oil from the plant is removed and reused by local companies.

In addition to physical waste, YGS is committed to reducing energy waste, especially during peak summer usage. YGS participates each summer from June 1 through September 1 in a blackout program developed by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission. In the event energy use rates are too high in our power grid service area, YGS reduces or eliminates power to its buildings for up to six hours to relieve stress on the grid.

Looking Ahead

As business at YGS in York continues to grow, and with the expansion of YGS in the Seattle area—which is known as one of the top 10 greenest cities in the country—the growth of sustainable practices at The YGS Group is inevitable. Offering high-quality and environmentally conscious products and services is just another way we enjoy giving back to our clients and our community.