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Supporting Your IT Crowd

Supporting Your IT Crowd

While your daily business operations may include tracking ones and zeroes in spreadsheets, your IT team keeps their eyes on the behind-the-scenes ones and zeroes. From server migrations to help ticket solutions, your IT administrators literally keep the office connected to the outside world. Use these tips to help IT keep your computer and virtual identity safe and functional at work.

Don’t click download without permission. The software installed on your computer is usually part of a business package your company pays to provide to all employees. IT coordinates these relationships to make sure all employees have all the tools they need to be successful. If there is another program you want to use, connect with IT to get permission to install in on your machine and to ensure it won’t interfere with your computer’s performance.

Take screenshots of error messages. Some issues and errors are isolated incidents, so it’s important to have as many details as possible when you submit a help ticket. Take screenshots of the error messages or issues so your IT team can find the specific solution.

Update your security software. Most software updates are scheduled to happen without you ever knowing, so this will rarely be something you need to be concerned with. However, if IT sends out a message for a manual update, follow the instructions exactly as they are provided. If you are prompted to update your software, especially if it’s something you use every day, take the steps to complete the update to keep your system running in its top condition. Alert IT if your security software ever gives a warning of a potential threat.

Trust the help ticket system. IT administrators have intimate knowledge of how computers operate and know how to prioritize issues. That doesn’t mean they have an immediate answer to your problem. If you file the help ticket when you first experience the issue, know it will be addressed. If it’s urgent, pay a visit to the administrator’s office or pick up the phone to politely express your concern and your ticket will most likely be moved to the top of the list.

IT is responsible for keeping everyone in the office online, so taking their advice and helping them help you will keep the overall system in fully functioning form.