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Social Media is Good Business

Social Media is Good Business

How many times per day do you go on Facebook? I bet you visit social media sites more often than you think. Just this year, social media site visits surpassed search engine visits, proving that social media’s reach is wide and powerful. Social media allows businesses to build transparency and authenticity, and YGS has taken on that challenge.

So far YGS has posted information on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn; linking our followers to information about our culture, business goals and capabilities. The Facebook page is geared toward sharing our company culture. The Twitter page allows followers to learn more about marketing and printing through relevant recent articles from reputable online sources. LinkedIn currently shares job opportunities and our Twitter stream.

Before the end of the year, YGS will be connecting each social media platform to the corporate web site for additional visibility.  The Facebook page now has a custom landing page for visitors featuring our corporate video and more updates are underway. YGS will also be hosting LinkedIn discussion groups for industry professionals in the next few months. The goal for all of the social media platforms is to share custom content that is created exclusively by YGS.

Want to see yourself on Facebook? The YGS Group is featuring employees’ photos and fun interviews as a part of the “YGS All-Stars” feature. The goal is to connect with each employee and feature what makes you unique! We may be coming to you soon – be ready to smile for the camera.

Whether you use social media every day or only connect occasionally – these tools are important to businesses like YGS. If you like, connect with YGS using the information below:

The YGS Group Facebook page:

YGS Twitter handle: @theYGSgroup


  1. Login to LinkedIn
  2. Search “The YGS Group”
  3. Click “Follow”
Rosie Turner, Marketing Coordinator