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Setting Achievable Resolutions for Your Business

Setting Achievable Resolutions for Your Business

With all the resolutions floating around in the next few weeks, take a minute to review this study that suggests only 8 percent of people always succeed at their New Year’s resolutions.

Eight percent.

There are a few theories about why that’s the case, and for this week’s blog we’re concerned with how to make sure you and your business fall into that 8 percent.

One of the biggest reasons The YGS Group has been so successful in the execution of business goals is because the goals we set here are concrete. There are no such goals as “increase sales” or “do better.” For every department, the goals and resolutions that are set for each team member allow for progress and success to be measured. Goals such as “meet with 3 clients each month for 6 months to discuss their social media strategy” are succinct, can be scheduled, and allow for follow up at the deadline. Not only does this kind of goal setting create the opportunity for more success, it also offers a built-in rubric when it comes time for employee reviews. If your employee has successfully completed the goals from the previous review, then you have the opportunity to expand on those specific goals. If the employee was unsuccessful in achieving the goal, then it’s an opportunity to discuss what obstacles were in the way.

With the creation of specific goals, it develops a sense of purpose for each person in the office. No one is left wondering what they bring to the table because their job responsibilities are laid out in their goals. In a 2013 study published in the Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, researchers found a negative correlation between ambiguous goals in the workplace and employee job satisfaction. Simply put, if people know specifically what they’re supposed to achieve, then they’re more satisfied in the journey to get there.

As you move your company into 2015, consider refreshing your goal-setting methods and make sure everyone on the payroll knows exactly how they contribute to success and growth in the new year.