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SEO Facts and Tips—Lesson One

SEO Facts and Tips—Lesson One

We all know the acronym SEO as it is bandied about whenever websites and marketing are discussed, but do you know how important Search Engine Optimization can be?  As it’s on of those things that marketing companies push and it seems to be everywhere, it can be easy to dismiss it as a catch phrase.  But don’t underestimate one of the most important tools in your marketing toolbox.

Here are some numbers that really illustrate how important SEO is to your website:

  • SEO is the No. 1 driver of traffic to websites
  • 70%-80% of users ignore paid ads
  • 42% of people click on the first organic search result
  • 75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results

The lesson here is that it pays to have the best SEO keywords and content on your site so that when people are looking for you, they can find you fast.

There are four things you can do to make sure your website is being crawled by search engines.  Some are more self-evident than others, but together they can be very powerful.

1. As we say here at The YGS Group, content is king.  The text used on your site says everything about a company, so make sure that yours is giving the right message.  People don’t always use the same language to describe a single thing, so take this into account when you are writing text for your website.  Be relevant.

2. They may not be visible, but keywords are the unseen workhorse for websites.  Keywords and keyword phrases are shorthand ways to describe your company.  When selecting keywords, make sure to do research into terms that people use on search engines and tailor your keywords to the way potential clients think.  Choose only about five keywords or keyword phrases to start with.  After you’ve tested those for a few months, think about adding one more, or changing one of them out for something more popular.

3. Pictures and video are eye-catching for websites and add a lot of value in the social media arena.  However, search engines crawl for text.  If you create a visually arresting website full of pictures, videos and charts, Google’s crawler will skip right past your site.  As said before, content is king and that means thoughtfully written and well-placed text is a must.  Adding art will help you with the searcher’s experience but not churn the search engine.

4. Search engine crawlers love to find links to your website on other well-respected websites.  This is the hardest part of boosting SEO because you can’t make another website link your content, you can only try.  However, social media is making this part of SEO a little easier.  Every time you make a post on Facebook or LinkedIn and someone shares it, you are creating a wonderful web of good links to your website.

Content, Keywords, Text, and Links go hand-in-hand to help optimize the SEO for your website.  Each plays an important role in making search engine crawlers take notice of your website.  Each plays an important role in making search engine crawlers take notice of your website’s unique and important information.  Make sure your SEO is working optimally for you.