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Sales: Going Above and Beyond

Sales: Going Above and Beyond

The YGS Group sales teams have brought in new clients at an unbelievable rate in 2015, and there’s always room for more! We heard from a few of our outside sales executives on how they connect with clients and prospects to understand their needs so the service we deliver is always top-notch.

Relationship Building

The sales executives are most often the first impression of an organization, so it’s important your team is filled with personality. However, a bright disposition only goes so far without the ability to really listen to a customer or prospect, and in turn, the ability to offer a customized solution.

Corporate Sales Executive Danielle Welch explains that finding the best answer for a new client’s problem is one of the best parts of being in sales. “There is nothing better than helping a client and making the problem turn into a success. It is all about relationships. Being willing to go above and beyond for every client,” she says.

Spending time with your clients is a good way to find alternative solutions, too, say Corporate Sales Executive Brian Smith and VP of Sales Matt Meyers. “Any time you have the opportunity to be in front of someone, with a deeper knowledge of their organization and needs, your chances for success enhance significantly,” Brian explains. Matt elaborates, saying that it’s important to evaluate the client’s request and see what other opportunities are available to meet the demand. “Don’t take a request for estimate at face value. Find out more of how the request is being used and what the client wants to achieve. You may end up giving them a better solution than what was asked for to begin with,” he says.

While client relationships are integral to success, having inside support is crucial as well. Kristy Freeman, corporate sales executive, says the YGS sales team members are there for advice and encouragement, and your sales team should “believe in you and what you’re doing, too. The more support you have within your own organization, the more successful you will be with your sales effort.”

Key Resources

Along with having support from other team members, technology is a big factor in today’s sales successes. The Internet is essentially an endless research tool to utilize throughout the relationship development process. “The ability to research clients is much more available than in the past. Our ability to perform an in-depth analysis of potential clients has helped us determine whether a client is a true fit,” says Brian. For Kristy, a customer relationship management system (The YGS Group uses SalesForce) is a great place to keep everything you’ve learned about your clients in one place. “For me, it’s all about organization. The more organized I am, the better customer service I can deliver. Customers can tell if their salesperson is organized or not,” she explains.

Stick With It

Being successful in sales takes determination, and there will always be a lot of “no’s” before there’s a “yes!” But with a solid understanding of clients, support at the home base, and taking advantage of the benefits of technology, there’s really only one piece of advice left, which comes from Corporate Sales Executive Kristi Forster: “Always be persistent! I hear more times than not, prospects thanking me for my persistence when I’m trying to set up first appointments.”