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Resource Review: The Whole9 Life Experience

Resource Review: The Whole9 Life Experience

Fitting exercise, healthy eating, and fostering a sound mind into an already busy life is a challenge for almost everyone. Here at The YGS Group, our Wellness Committee is focused on offering support to all employees who strive to lead a healthier lifestyle. Participation in Wellness events and programs is optional, but everyone is welcome, and encouragement is around every corner. In this Resource Review, VP of Marketing Services and YGS Wellness Committee member Jack Davidson talks about his journey to a healthier lifestyle and one of the resources he finds most valuable.

Through my CrossFit box about five years ago, I was fortunate enough to meet Dallas and Melissa Hartwig, the founders of Whole9 Life, when they were promoting a nutritional program they developed called the Whole30. With its roots in the Paleo diet, the program is designed to help you put an end to unhealthy cravings and habits, restore a healthy metabolism, heal your digestive tract, and balance your immune system.

Shortly after the launch of Whole9, I attended a daylong seminar detailing the Whole30 program and ended up adopting it, with a good deal of success.

Since then, Dallas and Melissa have gone on to write two New York Times bestsellers, It Starts with Food and The Whole 30. Whole9 has become one of the world’s premier Paleo-focused communities. The site and Whole30 program has grown to serve one million visitors a month.

The blog covers a variety of health and lifestyle topics that I find informative and very applicable to my everyday life, including diet and exercise tips, but also mental health and overall wellness advice and support. For example, this post stood out to me at a point when I was wondering about certain social media behaviors. I found the insight very validating in that particular circumstance. You don’t have to follow a Paleo diet or be a CrossFitter to benefit from the information shared in the blog. It strikes a balance between science and practical implementation, and the content is never so lofty that I can’t readily determine its relevance (and even sometimes its irrelevance) to me.

Whole9 Life serves as a comprehensive resource for me in my wellness goals, and I look forward to its healthy living wisdom. Here’s to wellness!

What are your favorite healthy living resources? What kind of wellness program does your company offer, and what have been the most popular programs and events?

Note: This post was not sponsored by or affiliated with Whole9 in any way. The views and opinions expressed in this post are those of the individual and not necessarily those of The YGS Group.