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Resolution Follow-Up

Resolution Follow-Up

In a post earlier this year, we talked about achievable resolutions in the office (and at home).  It’s time to follow up on the resolutions we’ve set to see what kind of success we’re having or maybe take some time to re-evaluate.

According to a Department of Labor study, there are three main reasons why we lose track of our resolutions:

  1. Procrastination
  2. Lack of discipline
  3. No plan of action

With these three hurdles in mind, what are ways we can avoid them in the execution of our personal or professional resolutions? I reached out to members of The YGS Group to tell me about their resolution successes and where they see room for improvement.

Procrastination is ubiquitous in the goal-achievement arena. Sometimes you have a great idea, and it just doesn’t happen, whether it’s because there are other priorities, or because it’s an overwhelming task. Sometimes even setting the goal proves to be the sticking point. Says Dan Deardorff, estimating and materials manager at The YGS Group, “I made a resolution this year to finally make a resolution. I have not been successful in keeping my resolution, but I resolve to make a resolution.” In Dan’s case, he may benefit from prioritizing his to-do list to figure out what task or goal is achievable, but will also provide a rewarding outcome. Start small with your resolution and there is always potential for it to blossom into something remarkable!

A good way to keep discipline in check is to have a resolution buddy. Marc Moore, corporate sales executive at YGS’ Seattle location, has teamed up with his wife in support of local, live music in the Seattle area. Since January 1, Marc and his wife have been to three different shows, his favorite of which was part of a KEXP and Starbucks series of concerts called Little Big Show, which donates 100 percent of ticket sales to local nonprofits. Marc says, “It’s a great way to go out to a show, have a lot of fun, and support local arts and charities.” Having fun and being philanthropic while fulfilling your resolution are other great ways to stay ahead!

Lack of an action plan is definitely not something Angie Reindollar, invoicer at The YGS Group worries about. Healthy eating and fitness have led her to incredible achievements, having lost more than 100 pounds in just over two years! Angie started her fitness resolution in 2013 by slowly decreasing her caloric intake, consulting a nutrition counselor, and staying active regularly. Angie says so much of her success is also due to a positive attitude: “Once you learn what to eat and how much of it, you will see the results if you stick to it and have the right mind set. You have to love yourself.” For long-term goals like hers, Angie can definitely take the time to celebrate intermediate achievements. This translates well into a group goal setting as well; if there’s a set of goals you’ve chosen as a family or as a team at work, make sure you appreciate each success in the process. It keeps everyone motivated to move on to the next phase.

Maybe some of you have fallen off the resolution bandwagon and you’re not sure how to start up again—or if you even want to. There is always the zen approach to resolution and goal-setting, according to VP of editorial services Kelly Winkler. Sometimes it’s best to take a break from the constant strain of objectives and due dates: “For the first time in my life, I let 2014 slip gracefully into 2015 without making promises to myself, and that felt just great.” With this attitude, Kelly has more time to focus on the little successes throughout her year, which will prepare her to start 2016 off right!

Wherever you are in your resolution path, take a minute to reflect on all the success you’ve encountered otherwise. Happiness and positivity definitely feed more of the same, so each success should be a reason to continue on to the next.