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Refresh Your Brand

Refresh Your Brand

Keeping your company’s brand up-to-date is an important part of creating a successful company. Your brand—logo, website, content, etc.—might look great and at one time generated a lot of interest for your company. But if it has been a few years, or more, since you last updated your brand image it is definitely time to look into it now.


Even if your customers and clients really like your company, it becomes easy for them to overlook your company if you haven’t offered them anything new lately. Given that everyone is bombarded with new things on the internet and their inboxes, it is easy to put aside original loyalties. So giving your brand an update is a way to reconnect with familiar faces while reaching out to new parties.


Refreshing your brand should have a multi-pronged approach—not just revamping your company logo. Look at all the ways that you interact with current and future clients and evaluate how well each of those are doing their job. Also, take into account any new media outlets that you could tap into. The easiest things will be to update your logo, website, and e-newsletter template. More subtle and harder to pin down will be to refresh your content as well as your outreach and marketing efforts.


And, of course, it is extremely worthwhile to get professional help.


Worldwide ERC®, a client of The YGS Group, is the workforce mobility association for professionals who manage or oversee domestic and international employee transfers. The association has a fifty year history and is known around the world as the trade association for this niche industry. When new leadership came in a couple of years ago, the association decided it was time to refresh their brand.


Working closely with The YGS Group’s marketing, editorial, and media sales departments, the association’s magazine, Mobility, underwent an award-winning redesign, while adding relevant content. This helped to raise awareness of the brand, both in the U.S. and globally, and to increase revenue through advertising sales. In addition, The YGS Group helped to streamline the processes for the association which gave Worldwide ERC® staff more time to advocate for their members.


If you are looking to freshen up your brand you can start small with one or two things at a time, or you can revamp your whole brand at once. What is most important is that you revisit your brand—your company’s face to the world—often and keep it up-to-date.