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Public Relations: The Backbone of Your Message

Public Relations: The Backbone of Your Message

In last week’s look into public relations, we explored a overview of the first steps to establishing a public relations strategy. It’s time to break it apart into the smaller logistical pieces of smart PR. The first step—before you craft your message and determine how it should be distributed—is establishing what your message should do for its intended audience.

The type of message matters. The distribution vehicles will change based on what kind of announcement you’re looking to circulate, but equally, the message itself will be shaped according to the intended audience. If you’re announcing an organizational restructure or corporate partnership, your message will be tailored differently than if it’s an upcoming public event or community partnership. If your announcement is industry-specific, and will be distributed to relevant trade media, the spin becomes a different one than if you are looking to engage the consumer public through consumer media platforms.

The order of announcements matters. First on your distribution list is your internal audienceyour employees. It’s good for business, your brand, and your corporate culture to begin internally with significant announcements before the consumer or trade public gets a hold of the news. After all, your core brand ambassadors and message carriers should be your employees. This practice also allows you to field questions and concerns from your employees before you get similar ones from the press and the public.

The timeline matters. Once your message types and audience priorities are established, put together an achievable and timely schedule for getting your message to those you know to be interested parties, and those who will soon find out they are interested in your story. After you’ve released the message internally, you can’t wait too long before going public. The timeliness of an announcement helps encourage that buzz you want to keep momentum generated until your next PR move.

With these initial steps planned and carried out, the next step is formulating the message. Tune in next week to get the how-to for thorough and effective PR messaging.