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Project Management Superheroes Offer Their Tips for Success

Project Management Superheroes Offer Their Tips for Success

No matter your job description or position title, at some point “project management” will probably come up. At The YGS Group, project management skills are needed in every department, but we consulted the experts in Marketing and Interactive Services to provide the lowdown on how to keep from being overwhelmed by multiple projects on your plate.

Art Hurst, project manager in interactive services, Tina Enck, account director in marketing services, and Kali Eskew, marketing account manager all agree that prioritizing your tasks is the best way to keep from falling behind. “It’s like the old saying: Plan your work then work your plan. Effective prioritization takes preparation and planning to make an educated decision of what’s most important at that particular time,” says Art. Tina agrees, and suggests taking on at least one big task from your to-do list everyday to help prevent big project buildup. “If necessary,” Tina recommends, “block out time for those daunting tasks to assure they will be crossed off the list.” You may remember Kali’s tips from our organizational post a few weeks ago. Her principles remain for project management, too: “Get rid of those sticky notes!”

Project managers understand how many moving parts go into a successful project, but sometimes those parts get stuck or need a jump-start to get back on track. Client satisfaction is always at the root of everything we do at The YGS Group, so when these challenges occur, project managers know the first step is transparency with the client. Art says building understanding before problems occur can prevent any roadblocks later. “I believe it’s all about building good relationships. You have to set expectations early, communicate clearly, and honor your commitments.” Making sure your clients aren’t left guessing at what’s coming next is definitely a key factor in successful project management. Kali and Tina are on the same page, focusing on creating positive outcomes by going the extra mile for their clients and offering outside-the-box solutions.

While the job of a project manager may seem like all timelines and to-do lists to some, there are definitely rewarding takeaways. As the newest member of the YGS interactive services team, Art enjoys learning as he goes, from people who really know their stuff! “It takes a collaborative effort to define requirements, design a solution, and execute a plan as a team. I’ve only been here a short time, but I consider myself very fortunate to be working with such a talented group of people.” Tina enjoys the project development aspect and working with her clients to help produce an incredible product, and Kali comes into work everyday with a new item on her list, which she says means, “it never gets boring.”

While these project management gurus keep The YGS Group running smoothly, there are times when they could use a little boost. So what superpowers would they choose to help them get the job done?

Art: “Only one?! I’d say the ability to manipulate time. Yeah, that could come in handy for some of our projects.”
Tina: “A sixth sense to tell me how/where to spend my time to maximize it. There never seem to be enough hours in the day!”

Kali: “To have an impeccable memory where I never forget what needs to be done.”

What project management tips do you stand by? And what superpower would help you get the job done?