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Prioritizing Partnerships, The YGS Way

Prioritizing Partnerships, The YGS Way

If the vision and goals for a project—whether it’s ongoing or a one-time initiative—aren’t shared among team members, success is unlikely. Fortunately, shared vision and goals are a must when YGS enters the picture from Day One. Partnerships are the cornerstone of The YGS Group’s model, internally and externally.

“The most important part about starting a new client relationship is developing a strong rapport and comfort level,” says Kristina Freeman, corporate sales executive. “That level of comfort leads to transparency and trust. Then, once the client and YGS teams are formed, it’s important for everyone to be on board. Everyone needs to understand their role and pull together.”

These solutions are customizable for all clients based on what kind of partnerships they could benefit most from. “If an organization is considering outsourcing publication design or media sales, YGS can coordinate all efforts in one facility, including media sales, editorial, design, print, and mailing,” explains Corporate Sales Executive Greg Sindlinger. “YGS has the capability to produce all of those services, or focus on the services that can most benefit the organization and align with the direction their organization is moving toward.”

“A big part of developing the initial relationship involves diving into an organization’s current operation to see how and where YGS can best address their needs,” says Freeman.

Developing and maintaining client relationships isn’t the sole responsibility of the sales executives, however. Each YGS team member is committed to cultivating client relationships because it further deepens the partnership feature of the YGS model.

“Total Solutions clients are provided an account manager within Marketing Services who is responsible for bringing all the team members together and knowing the big picture inside and out across all departments,” explains Account Director Tina Enck. “Account managers build on the initial relationships that the sales executives develop and stay tuned in to ensure each partner is meeting needs and expectations.”

This process of relationship building and maintenance is just part of the package at YGS. Establishing YGS as a partner as opposed to just a vendor is a crucial element in every project because it’s part of who we are as a company and what sets us apart from other vendors. “The YGS team really shines when we work hand-in-hand with clients from the very beginning,” says Director of Marketing and Brand Strategy Lish Ephraim. “Sitting down with our clients, dissecting their pain points, identifying where opportunities exist together, and then leveraging YGS’ expertise in collaboration with our clients builds informed, effective solutions. This custom approach is the crux of our role as a true partner who cares just as much about the health of our clients’ businesses as they do.”