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Print + Digital or Just Digital

Print + Digital or Just Digital

Your Audience Will Let You Know What They Want.

With so many new technologies today, are you sure you are delivering information to members in the right format? Some organizations are sticking to print for their publications and newsletters. Some are converting to digital. How do you transition from print to digital? And once you make that transition do you still keep your publication in print? Is it still viable?


While many companies and associations are working to have a digital presence, there is a marketplace for print publications too. So, yes, print will always be viable, especially when hand in hand with digital.


Print can make an impactful statement today in the sea of digital content products.


Some companies will produce both a print and a digital version of their content, some companies may opt only for digital publications, while others will use their digital content as supplemental material for their print publications—they may build a microsite (see The YGS Group’s blog on microsites here,—to house Web exclusive content that you deem only available online.


What it comes down to is which format will work best to meet the needs of your clients, customers, and members. And if surveyed properly, your audiences will let you know how the prefer to take in their media.


One of The YGS Group’s clients—the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP), a national professional organization of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians—wished to discontinue their long-time quarterly magazine, InterSections. However, the magazine was an important communication tool for the association’s members. Based on the advice of The YGS Group, ASHP decided to transition the magazine into a digital version, which would save on costs and still allow that important communication channel to remain open. As it turned out, while lighter on the budget, the digital pub was heavier in content. Digital could pack more content than the print pub.


The digital version of InterSections has been a huge success for the association. Shortly after the launch of the digital edition, an interactive website devoted solely to InterSections content was developed to add more informational and educational content for the association’s members. With the transition to digital, the association has been able to maintain their voice to the industry, meet budgetary goals, and substantially reduce administrative and editorial resources required. Even better, the association’s members are delighted with the new product.


Should your company go digital too? Maybe, but each company will have their own needs. Any decision should assess how best to communicate with your clients and members. The YGS Group, as it has both print and digital publishing services in house, can help you decide how best to distribute your content.