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Pressing On: YGS Upgrades Its Digital Presses

Pressing On: YGS Upgrades Its Digital Presses

In celebration of YGS’ first year in Seattle, upgrades have arrived to the digital printing department. As YGS in York upgraded to the HP Indigo 7800 digital press, the 7500 model was transferred to YGS in Seattle. The new presses in both departments allow for more efficiency in digital printing and continue to uphold YGS’ high-quality printing results.

Many improvements will be seen in the Seattle location’s upgrades. The new model can run larger paper sizes, up to 13 x 19 inches; it operates twice as fast as the previous equipment, producing up to 160 pages per minute; and it includes special effects capabilities, like embossing and other textured printing. The overall enhancements create more efficient operations—reducing paper, ink, and energy usage—and include greater uptime and calibration and troubleshooting tools. VP of Print Operations at YGS in York, Bob Quirk, sees the potential for a large array of print opportunities with the new equipment. “The possibilities for print effects, variable data, variable images, and the ever-growing stable of approved substrates make the capabilities for custom personalized products very broad,” he explains.

For color management, the presses utilize six inking units and have the capability of clear overprint ink and opaque white for unique applications. They also use Pantone matching system premixed inks to ensure consistent, vibrant color across all YGS print projects. The 7800 model at YGS’ York location includes a built-in spectrophotometer, which automates color manipulation and streamlines the color standard certification process. Bob explains what this means for YGS: “The Indigo produces what is considered the highest quality print and color results of all the digital equipment on the market today.”

With these digital press updates, enhancements are notably recognized the reliability and productivity of our machinery. As YGS grows, we look forward to updating equipment throughout our printing operations to ensure our products continue to support our high-quality goals.