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Pinterest – an Upcoming Social Media Platform

Pinterest – an Upcoming Social Media Platform

What is all this talk about Pinterest? Pinterest is a virtual pinboard which lets you save and organize things you find online. This social media platform is the faster growing media outlet and is a great tool that allows you to connect your company with your customers.

Pinterest just created a new analytics tool call Pinerly, which offers basic data on your tracked pins, and your performance on the site overall. Essentially this tool offers Pinerly-tracked pins research. This is an analysis of how many times your product was pinned. This tool is very important to company’s signing on to Pinterest to enhance social media.

According to an Experian Hitwise Study, Pinterest is now the number three in the rankings of all social media platforms. Ahead of Pinterest’s 104 million visits in March is Facebook, with 7 billion visits and Twitter, with 182 million visits.

So the question is- Is Pinterest the right way to go for your company? According to PRdaily, the four types of businesses that should consider Pinterest are Non-Profits, Small Businesses targeting women, Journalists and Corporate Branding. Pinterest is an easy way for companies to promote lifestyles, show personality, crowdsource, provide inspiration for employees, communication between itself and customers, and to run contests.

Think your social media strategies through. Is Pinterest another step your company should make to create connections with social media?

Olivia Schleicher, Marketing Intern