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PESO & Marketing Campaigns Part II

PESO & Marketing Campaigns Part II

The acronym PESO, as explained in the last blog, stands for Paid, Earned, Shared, and Owned media. These are the four types of media that a company can use to market and expand their brand. No one of these media types is more important than another, but each should be utilized to some degree to get the most out of a marketing campaign.


In the planning stages for a marketing campaign, it is a good idea to consider how to approach each. While Owned and Paid media should be easy to estimate in terms of time, commitment, and content, Earned and Shared media will be harder to estimate. While you can’t control how much Earned and Shared media you will get for your efforts, you can estimate how much time you want your marketing staff to spend trying to influence each.


At The YGS Group we work with our clients to determine how much and what types of content they can produce (Owned), how much they want to put towards advertising (Paid), how best to approach third-party outlets for publicity (Earned), and we explore ways to make the content, publicity, and advertising go viral (Social). Each marketing plan is tailor-made to match the needs of our clients, as all marketing plans should be.


Here is an example of how all of these media types could be used to create a complete marketing campaign. The Widget Manufacturers Trade Association has just expanded its website and wants to strengthen its brand. At the same time it is also launching a microsite dealing with widget safety. The microsite will contain a blog written by an industry expert and will also host short safety videos. Using established advertising channels, the association will launch an ad campaign about its safety initiative that will point interested parties directly to the microsite. The association scores a major point when a national news outlet doing a series on widget popularity relies heavily on the content provided on the microsite. Because the safety videos were produced to be both funny and informative, one of them posted on a social media site catches on through social media and goes viral.


While this is a simplified scenario, you can see how the each type of media can influence the others. Each type of media can raise brand awareness and foster new outreach. Exactly what a marketing campaign should do.