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On Credibility and Its Relationship to Trustworthiness

On Credibility and Its Relationship to Trustworthiness

Over the past few weeks, we’ve discussed behavior and its relationship to corporate culture and company image. Here in our final post in this series, we explore how all of these behaviors— candor, commitment, consistency, and caring—help to elevate the credibility of your organization and instill trust in your teammates and your clients.

Credibility isn’t a characteristic that develops overnight, but it can very much be diminished in a second. As a company, The YGS Group has developed, grown, and redeveloped over several decades, and with those changes, a reputation of credibility and trust from employees and clients alike have become welcome byproducts. Quality products and customer service have always been at the forefront of YGS values: flexibility, integrity, responsibility, service, and trust. While all of these values play a role in our every day operations, none of them can be as effective without the last: trust.

Trust is the culminating factor when all of these behaviors work together to create products or services that are tailored to your clients’ needs. And where there is trust, there is repeat business and word-of-mouth marketing.

Having a credible and trustworthy reputation comes with the regular behaviors of candor, commitment, consistency, and caring. No one in the company should be considered exempt from practicing these behaviors with everyone they encounter, from colleagues and superiors to clients and prospects. It is in everyone’s best interests to support and encourage these behaviors as a collective so there is no misunderstanding of expectations and everyone has a stake—and a sense of pride—in the outcome.