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Microsites Enhance Your Content

Microsites Enhance Your Content

A microsite within your website can highlight specific content, or showcase a new product or promotion. What is a microsite exactly? A microsite can be one page or a cluster of pages that operates as an independent focal point. When launching a specific message or building a complement to your magazine, product, or campaign, microsites are a separate section of a parent website, but are used to target a specific audience or call attention to a trend or topic.


Primarily, the microsite will inform and engage an audience on content that is related to the main website. Microsites can be more relaxed and creative than a main business website. For an association or company that produces a newsletter or publication, microsites are an effective way to present content to a screen reader. The same content that appears in the printed magazine, is organized in a screen-reader-friendly manner—in boxes, and snippits, with short, catchy headlines—instead of the longer-formatted, vertical pages of a magazine.


We all take in our media our way. Microsites ensure you deliver that same great printed content but with a person who likes to read from their laptop or tablet.


Benefits of microsites are many. They can be key to branding, while aiding SEO efforts for the main site and increasing your online footprint. A microsite offers more flexibility than a website. They can be used on a temporary basis for key promotions. The microsite can be the location where you house Web-only content—content you can’t get anywhere else. Web-only content means special content. This call out will send your readers to your microsite. Now you have interactivity between two communication vehicles. Advertisers love that and are starting to demand digital opportunities to round out their integrated media buy. Make sure your brand offers many digital opportunities for advertising. The microsite is hot.


Microsites have been trending up in the last few years and The YGS Group has been utilizing them more and more to help our clients get the best use of their content, and the best offers out to their advertisers, while supporting their brand. The added plus here is you also look quite progressive when employing this hot new Web tool.


Check out this powerful Web tool in action:


Go to to see the digital version of a print magazine and then check out its companion microsite:


As marketers and communicators, make sure you are catering to all the ways one takes in media.