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Meeting and Celebrating Milestones

Meeting and Celebrating Milestones

Just about two years ago, The YGS Group Marketing Services launched a new social media initiative. The plan was simple and deliberate: deliver regular, relevant content to followers that supports the YGS mission and promotes our products and services. This post marks the 99th blog since the launch. Now, on the eve of the 100th blog post, we want to reflect on other milestones YGS has achieved and the best ways to celebrate milestones of your own.

Over the past two years, The YGS Group has developed and expanded into many different spaces. From our new ventures in the Pacific Northwest to expanding our employee and company growth strategies, there is always a new conversation about what the next step is in expanding YGS offerings to clients and opportunities for employees. Because of the commitment of each team member here at YGS, we continue to see growth and success at every turn. Earlier this year, Printing Impressions magazine published its annual top 400 list of leading printing companies in the United States and Canada. The YGS Group was No. 134 and earned a write up about its tremendous growth in 2015.

It’s important to stay on top of delivering the messaging of your milestones and achievements. Here are a few tips to help you celebrate and share good news effectively.

  • Don’t spill the beans. If there’s news the company isn’t ready to share yet, get in touch with your marketing team or executive leadership before you discuss it with coworkers and definitely before you mention it outside the office.
  • Engage your marketing team. Keeping your marketing team in the loop from the beginning will prepare the right people to deliver the news to its necessary audiences and platforms.
  • Engage the press. Craft press releases and deliver them in a timely manner. If it’s breaking news, consider making it a splash page or part of the homepage slider on your website.
  • Celebrate with your team. Good news and successes are always worth an extra handshake or “great work, team!” Congratulating your team on a job well done helps to reinforce positive engagement and morale.

Here’s to the last 100 blogs and looking forward to another 100!