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Media Sales, What?

Media Sales, What?

Imagine flipping through a magazine that did not have advertisements … wouldn’t it seem like something was missing? There is not a day that goes by in our busy lives that we are not subject to advertising. It is everywhere we go, and in almost everything we see. But where does it come from? This advertising space is what people in the media sales industry make relevant.

Often when people hear the term “media sales” they are left confused as to what it actually means. Generally speaking, the Media Sales industry incorporates the selling of advertising space in various different communication platforms, such as publications, newsletters, event sponsorships, and websites.

While there may be plenty of vendors that operate in a similar space, The YGS Group offers a service that is truly unique. With a dedicated and experienced in-house sales team and integrated marketing expertise, we offer clients an experience that is unmatched within the industry. The YGS Group offers services within Media Sales that include:

  • Print and Digital Sales
  • Sponsorship and Exhibit Sales
  • Database Management
  • Marketing Strategy and Support

Sales lead generation is crucial to the success of any sales process. Because we work in association publishing, our client base is broad. Our Media Sales team works diligently to study market trends that are relevant to any business and industry. This ensures the ads go along with the editorial content to fall right into the specific demographics of the readership. The translation of these trends into specific sales tactics is what ultimately leads to increased revenue for publications and events.

Adding Media Sales to the mix gives The YGS Group an edge in our Total Solutions offerings. Our clients get editorial, design, and advertising management all in one place, and the success is right there on the page.