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Marrying the MR and MRS to Increase Sales

Marrying the MR and MRS to Increase Sales

In our last blog, we talked about the MR and MRS of ad sales. MR—Market and Reach—is the relationship building that a sales rep does to connect with advertisers. MRS—Marketing Materials, Reach, and Sale—is the company-branded materials that can open doors for sales reps or help close a deal.


An important key to both marketing and sales is creating a sense of urgency to help motivate advertisers to make a decision or to pique the interest of those who had not shown much before. When MR and MRS are applied together they can create a sense of urgency that can be utilized to the benefit of overall sales. Making special offers and giving deadlines can make a huge difference between losing an advertiser’s interest and gaining a new client.


Cambria Bailey, The YGS Group’s marketing coordinator in media sales, says, “Sales and Marketing work together, without one you really don’t have the other and urgency is just part of the sales game.”


To properly marry the MR and MRS—sales and marketing—and create a sense of urgency, create special, limited time only offers. The offers can be made through email blasts, mailers, or letters, as long as they are to a specific list. Then the sales team can follow-up. “If a mailer or eblast was sent to reinforce a limited time offer to ‘new advertisers only,” says Cambria, “then calls would be made to the same mailing list a week before the offer closes. We create urgency and we are constantly following up on our marketing efforts.”


Sales contacts alone, or marketing materials alone, are not always effective in reaching potential advertisers. “In a world of constant information, marketing materials serve as a reminder and a piece that says what we want to say; in other words, information mentioned over the phone can quickly be forgotten,” she continued.


With so many media opportunities available today, it just isn’t feasible to rely only on sales outreach. Different people respond to different forms of communication. And while some people want that personal touch of a phone call, there are many people who prefer to see a visual—an email or printed marketing piece—right in front of their eyes. Well-branded marketing materials can cover the range in how potential advertisers like to be approached.


Marrying sales and marketing makes the most sense when working on an ad deadline. Cambria says, “At the end of the day, or ad close, all marketing materials created in media sales contain the same general information. Who to contact, the brand, and why they should advertise with us.” When combined with the personal touch of a follow-up by a sales rep, that is when marriage harmony begins to happen.