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Make Your Marketing Come Alive With pURLs!

Make Your Marketing Come Alive With pURLs!

PURLs are a new and budding marketing campaign tool that are being used more frequently to increase direct mailing success rates. PURLs are personalized URL Websites for current and future customers. According to DMA, offline media still remains extremely important in integrated marketing campaigns. A study conducted by DMA shows that while email is the leading media, 75.4% of business are still using direct mail. A sharp increase in pURL marketing is expected in the next few years.

PURLs don’t just connect you with customers- they allow your company to make a direct connection, get their attention and give the customer an easy way to reach you.  In a pURL campaign the customers are given a personalized website, which allows them to jump online and visit your website instantly. The customers are then greeted by their name on a personalized page once on your site. You can send your customers a survey, a coupon, or even a link to your website!

PURLs have become crucial for marketers who want to further engage their audience. They increase response rates and provide valuable data, yet save on costs compared to other tools. The immediate direct responses help provide companies with information about the customers that are interested.

Have you tried using pURLs in your marketing campaign? Did you make any great connections with customers?

Olivia Schleicher, Marketing Intern