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Is Work-Life Balance Really Achievable?

Is Work-Life Balance Really Achievable?

Balance is defined as “a condition in which different elements are equal,” and if you find it extremely challenging to achieve the ideal work-life balance, you’re not alone. In todays society, technology allows us to be connected 24/7, which ultimately blurs the line between work and personal life. In all actuality, work-life balance is inherently unnatural because it alludes to there being an equal distribution of time, energy, and focus dedicated to our personal and professional lives—this is virtually impossible.

The spring and fall equinox are the the only two days a year in which nature finds perfect balance. Aside from these two days, nature works at a pace and rhythm that is defined by the varying elements. Instead of stressing to achieve your idea of work-life balance, refocus your time and energy to find a pace and rhythm that works best for your life and the various factors that influence it. Each of nature’s seasons represent something different and can be used to incorporate different mindsets into your daily life.

Spring: The Season to Create
Spring is the season for all of the plants to begin budding and new growth is formed, but it can also represent the season of fresh starts and new ideas. Use the spring season to clear your calendar of old commitments, meetings, and time expenditures that no longer benefit you—personally and mentally—and make room for new opportunities and ideas.

Summer: The Season to Grow
During the summer, nature is in full bloom and this season is the time to implement your ideas that were created in the spring. Use the summer season to reflect on your goals and cultivate them to be achievable. This is also the time to evaluate which relationships in your life need nurturing. Set a pace that works best for you and allow your new ideas to grow and relationships to flourish.

Fall: The Season to Achieve
Fall is the time to harvest what you have created and grown during the spring and summer seasons. Finding and setting a new pace this season can help you succeed in taking the last steps toward completing goals, celebrating your accomplishments, and finding ways to honor the people in your life.

Winter: The Season to Restore
As the winter season begins, the trees and perennials go dormant, annual plants complete their life cycle, and animals prepare for migration or hibernation. This cycle allows nature to restore and replenish for the growth that begins in spring. Use the winter months to take a step back, slow down, and restore yourself. Incorporate days and/or times when it works best for you to pause, relax, and prepare yourself to let go of the old ways, and welcome the new in your life.

In finding a pace and rhythm that allows you to devote appropriate—not balanced—time to your work life and personal life, you are better able to achieve success and happiness.