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Intern Profile: Joel Copenheaver

Intern Profile: Joel Copenheaver

Joel Copenheaver started June 15 in Marketing Services as a marketing intern. Coming up on his last few weeks, he took time to reflect on his experience and how working at The YGS Group has helped him better determine his future career options.

College/Class: York College of Pennsylvania, Class of 2016 (Senior)
Major: Entrepreneurship, 3.90 GPA
Hobbies/interests/extracurriculars: basketball, golf, scuba diving, fishing, kayaking, and travel. Has had two internships before YGS; held four positions in an international, business-oriented community service club (Enactus)—most recently was president; involved with SpartaNation the past two years, which is a weeks-long series of networking events for York College to stay involved with alumni, prospective students, parents, and current students.
Spirit animal: Shark

I was looking for a marketing internship so I could gain skills in market research, brand strategy, and data analysis. I knew very little about YGS before I started, but I was aware of the print capabilities because I previously researched local printers for an entrepreneurial business idea. I emailed YGS through York College’s Spartan Career Path site and the marketing internship was created based on that initial contact.

When I started my internship, I knew the print and general marketing consulting side, but wasn’t entirely sure of the other departments and activities within YGS. I’ve learned a lot not only about what YGS is as a company, but I’ve gained experience with tasks I haven’t previously had exposure to. I learned how YGS takes an initial concept from the client and moves down the line through strategy, design, editorial, media sales, interactive services, print, and more to create a physical and digital publication. I find it fascinating that a company can be so integrated throughout its own supply chain process, and that is just a small example of solutions provided by YGS.

One of the biggest learning experience projects I’ve worked on has been taking data from sites like Google Analytics and molding it not only into simplified information, but conclusions that are easy to understand and allow decisions or actions to be conveniently made based on the data. For example, I pulled email blast statistics for event exhibits YGS attended this year and compared the open and click rates of pre- versus post-show emails, as well as how the events performed in comparison to each other.

Working with employees that have a range of responsibilities in their own department, as well as interactions between different departments, has given me a better understanding of my career options after graduation. This internship has increased my interest in analytics. My first experience with data analysis was in a small business consulting course, where we pulled and analyzed data and developed full recommendations of expansion opportunities for multiple local businesses. I thrive on taking raw data and turning it into decisions that drive business growth.

My experience at YGS has given me tools and experience I can put toward my ultimate career goals. In the future, I would like to become a management consultant, within a firm and also independently. For the long term, I’m also interested in being a true entrepreneur and investor.