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Intern Profile: Amanda Stone

Intern Profile: Amanda Stone

It’s intern season again! This past summer, Marketing Services hosted an intern for 8 weeks. Local colleges and universities are now back in session for the spring semester, so it’s a great opportunity to host another Marketing Services intern. Amanda Stone joined the team on January 18, and we wanted to meet with her at the start to get her fresh take on the outlook for her internship.

The Basics:

Name: Amanda Stone

College/Class: Millersville University, senior

Major: Double: Business Administration Marketing & Business Management

Minor: English

Hobbies/interests/extracurriculars: Phi Sigma Pi honors fraternity; Circle K, collegiate Kiwanis; knitting—she works with a friend to make hats for cancer patients; and contract marketing work

Ultimate professional goal: “I’m not exactly sure right now. I’m not a numbers cruncher; marketing is more creative, so something in the marketing industry with a creative lean.”

Spirit animal: Cat—Amanda owns two cats: Patches and Veronica

Although an internship is not one of my requirements for my program at Millersville, they are an important part of my education. I already completed an internship that focused on Internet marketing, and I wanted another marketing opportunity to branch out and see what else was out there. My internship adviser from my previous internship suggested The YGS Group. When I came on a visit here with other students from Millersville, I really liked the size of the company and how much was happening. I didn’t know much about the company before seeking an internship here, but the visit made me more familiar with the range of services YGS offers.

I am most looking forward to new experiences and learning—now is my time to learn. I tend to jump at any opportunity that comes my way. Kali Eskew, YGS marketing account manager and my internship supervisor, is having me meet with people from various departments to see what they do. I’m also looking forward to getting involved with YGS social media.

Pursuing internships gives me a better sense of the professional atmosphere. All I’ve ever known is the school environment, so this gives me an opportunity to learn and engage with the business atmosphere, interact with various teams, and see how things come together. I get a chance to work on skills that are more about doing it than reading it from a textbook.

Amanda is with Marketing Services until April 8. We will follow up with her closer to her departure to discuss her favorite projects and everything she learned at YGS.