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Intern Follow Up: Amanda Stone

Intern Follow Up: Amanda Stone

Believe it or not, it’s been 12 weeks since we first met Marketing Services Intern Amanda Stone. At the beginning of her internship, Amanda was looking forward to delving into new projects and becoming familiar with The YGS Group’s range of product and service offerings. Amanda’s internship was actually extended another four weeks, so now we are following up with her at the conclusion to find out what she’s learned and how she plans to use it in her future endeavors.

I wasn’t exactly sure where my professional life would lead when I started this internship. My time at YGS has allowed me to experience much more than I ever imagined the marketing industry could offer me and has confirmed that I made the right choice. My professional goal now has become much simpler: do something that I love to do. I love marketing.

Kali Eskew is the marketing manager and served as my internship supervisor. Keeping up with her was one of the most challenging parts of my internship! She made sure to pack my schedule every week with different kinds of work so that I would be able to get a taste of everything that YGS does. I loved being able to challenge myself with projects I had never done before, especially with support from the whole team. Among the many projects I was able to tackle in my time here, I really enjoyed writing social media posts and analyzing their success. There is something about being able to see your work generate results right in front of you that is incredibly satisfying.

I have learned so much about so many aspects of the marketing industry from Kali and everyone else here, and I was given the opportunity to experience much of it firsthand. But, there was one thing that had the biggest effect on me: the people. I now know what it is like to be part of a team that genuinely cares about the work they do and each other. Wherever I may go in my career, that will always be the one thing that I take with me.

Internship supervisor and Marketing Manager Kali Eskew also weighed in on Amanda’s growth over the past 12 weeks and the strength of the Marketing Services internship program.
It’s been great to be part of a team that has developed a solid internship program here in Marketing Services. I had two internships in college, and they each provided me with a wealth of knowledge that extended beyond what one learns in the classroom. It’s rewarding to be on the other side now, providing that knowledge to college students, and quite honestly, learning from them as well. Amanda came to YGS with one internship already under her belt, along with some consulting work and experience in SEO and social media. It was nice to gain her perspective on some of the latest trends and have her apply her skillset to support our current efforts.

What I love most about our internship program is that we are able to customize the program to fit the interests and skillsets of the intern, while still providing a solid background in marketing and YGS as a whole. Amanda was always willing to tackle whatever I sent her way, and I think the frequent changes and adjustments to her workload, sometimes on a daily basis, gave her a glimpse into life in marketing. The days are never boring!

If you are interested in pursuing an internship at The YGS Group, contact Yvonne DeSalle, VP of associate engagement and talent development, who can offer you more information about what internship opportunities are available and will help find the best fit for your interests and career goals.