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Integrated Media Buying—Advertising Across Platforms

Integrated Media Buying—Advertising Across Platforms

Integrated media in advertising is a much bandied about term and it may seem puzzling. After all, it is just a term for buying advertising across many platforms. But it has become such a catch phrase because it is a truly important concept.


Think about all the ways you get media—your phone, television, radio, Internet, and websites. But don’t forget about the more traditional forms of advertising—newspapers, magazines, billboards, and bus ads. If you are only advertising using one or two of these methods, you are missing your chance to reach out to all of your clients and customers.


As Stephanie Bunsick, Media Sales Manager at The YGS Group says, “Everyone consumes media differently; it is important for advertisers to have a presence in person, in print, and online in order to maximize their marketing impact.”


Remember fifteen years ago when a newspaper ad and a banner ad on Yahoo were considered comprehensive marketing? Well that time as definitely gone by the wayside. As digital and social media outlets grow exponentially, advertisers must take advantage of as many distribution platforms as they can.


“It is really up to the advertiser and their company goals, but a way to ensure they are reaching their full potential is to advertise among all available properties,” continued Bunsick.


Integrated media advertising should be a significant subset of your overall marketing plan. To make best use of the concept, all advertising avenues should be explored and decided upon prior to launching any ads. In order to take advantage of all the best opportunities, your media buyer should conduct consumer research to find the outlets your customers will most likely use and they should be able to effectively measure the impact of any advertising in conjunction with your marketing goals. By approaching advertising from the viewpoint of the client or customer, integrated media buying can expand your company’s scope and exposure comprehensively and economically.


With all the outlets available to advertisers in today’s media, advertising should not be approached as an onerous necessity, but an exciting opportunity to pinpoint your potential audience. Integrated buying is about putting together the right advertising segments that will give you the most bang for your advertising buck.