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Inc. 5000 Conference 2016: Stop by and Celebrate with Content Sales & Licensing!

Inc. 5000 Conference 2016: Stop by and Celebrate with Content Sales & Licensing!

It’s that thrilling and rewarding time of year again for The YGS Group’s Content Sales & Licensing team. We’ll be planting ourselves in the YGS booth at the annual Inc. 5000 conference for three days starting tomorrow, Tuesday, October 18 and meeting Inc. 5000 honorees. As the only authorized provider of custom reprints and award merchandise for honorees found on the Inc. 5000 list since 2002, YGS always looks forward to engaging with honorees and others at the Inc. 5000 annual conference.

Each year, YGS strategizes a new way to interact with honorees from the YGS booth at the Inc. 5000 conference. At last year’s conference, honorees could stop by the YGS booth and have their picture taken in front of our Inc. 5000 honoree backdrop, displaying their Inc. 5000 rank. By tweeting out all of the YGS booth visitors’ pictures and Twitter handles, YGS became a leader on the Inc. 5000 Conference Twitter board in no time. After the conference, YGS launched a social media photo contest that asked honorees to share a photo of their recognition merchandise and get their family and friends to vote for their photo. The winner received a sweet prize and our Facebook post reach increased by more than 80% during the contest.

“This year at the YGS booth,” says Jenny Kintner, YGS Group Manager of Content Sales & Licensing, “we’ll be running a similar photo contest with a whole lot more to offer than just getting your photo taken.” As if pulling a winner to receive a $50 Amazon gift card each day of the conference wasn’t reason enough, this year, visitors will use be able to use Simple Booth on the YGS iPad to get their photo taken in front of our 2016 Inc. 5000 honoree backdrop. Using our iPad, you can choose to upload a photo or GIF of the moment to all of your social media pages at once. So go ahead, let your followers know your ranking… you’ve earned it!

For the real deal, talk to The YGS Group at this week’s Inc. 5000 conference! You can find us at booth no. 4. #YGSForTheRealDeal!

Was your company featured on the 2016 Inc. 5000 list? Call 800-755-2238, email, or visit the YGS Store to make the most of your ranking!