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Five Questions to Ask Before Your Next Specialty Print Job

Five Questions to Ask Before Your Next Specialty Print Job

Whether you’re producing signage for an upcoming event or promoting your brand through a custom vehicle wrap, you want them to showcase your message in the best possible way and for the products to last. Experts at The YGS Group excel in guiding customers through the specialty graphics production process, beginning with determining your project specs and concluding with product application.

“When coordinating a request,” explains Terri Acquaviva, Hershey Corporate Account Director at YGS, “we confirm what the client has in mind for the lifetime of the product so that we can guide them to the version that will best suit their needs.”

So, what should you be thinking about the next time you’re producing a quality print piece? Here’s your inside scoop into some of the questions our print specialists ask customers before quoting a large format or custom application print job.

  1. Is the product intended for indoor or outdoor use? Several products like window and wall graphics, floor graphics, banners, and wraps can all be produced for both indoor or outdoor use with lasting quality by utilizing the correct substrates, inks, and finishing techniques.
  2. If your product will be outdoors, will it receive natural light for the majority of the day? Knowing this answer could mean the difference between a less-than-effective product and an easily read sign even within a year’s time.
  3. To what material is the wall, building, floor, or street graphic product being applied? The technique used to apply a graphic to a brick wall versus a sidewalk versus a tile floor varies greatly, and sometimes a visit to the location is required to ensure the proper materials are used in the production of the graphic.
  4. Will your product change location over time? This is especially important for products with adhesives, as well as posters and signage, that might be transported often and therefore require specific substrates for lasting durability.
  5. Who will be handling the setup/application of your product? POP displays, vinyl clings, and graphics with adhesive backings often require a professional technique for the proper application. “I’ve seen failed applications of really nice products that would otherwise have been really effective if they were only managed from build to application,” said The YGS Group’s VP of Specialty Graphics Solutions, Bob Quirk.

Making sure a product reflects quality throughout its lifetime isn’t just the customer’s job—it’s your printer’s job as well. At YGS, we consider ourselves a partner to our customers. We take the time to ensure your products are displayed in the best possible environment for as long as possible. The next time you’re ready to showcase your brand through print, consider the above questions and a conversation with one of our print specialists.

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