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Event Engagement: The Hashtag Connection

Event Engagement: The Hashtag Connection

We’ve learned quite a bit about hashtags here lately, but there is always more to learn. Hashtags are an important part of a successful social media campaign because they link people to conversations, trends, or ideas. So, what happens when you take hashtags and social media activity outside the building? Get ready to create awareness of your brand on a big stage.

We’re nearing conference season, and there is no place quite like a conference to engage people across industries and across social media platforms. What’s the best way to do that? Conference-focused social media engagement.

The Connection Effect

The YGS Group is the only authorized provider of Inc. 5000 List custom reprints and award merchandise. Part of the partnership includes YGS’ booth presence at the Inc. 5000 conference, which happens each fall after the list is published. YGS social media engagement pre- and post-conference saw a boost with recurring use of #Inc5000 and #YGSForTheRealDeal, which promoted YGS as the only authorized dealer of Inc. 5000-branded products and awards.

Engagement of all kinds (likes, retweets, and replies) increased across the board on our conference-related messaging, which also boosted The YGS Group’s reach on Twitter.

While Twitter was the primary social channel used for YGS booth promotion and engagement at the show, Facebook engagement and reach also increased.

The Inc. 5000 Conference Twitter board showcased real-time stats on the most popular tweets at the show. YGS became a leader on the board by tweeting all YGS booth visitors with their photo booth pictures and Twitter handles. This engagement with conference-goers generated and increased traffic to the YGS booth and YGS social media throughout the conference.

Post-conference Engagement

After the conference, YGS promoted its Facebook photo campaign, which invited Inc. 5000 honorees to share photos of their awards in creative ways. The photo with the most likes at the end of the campaign won a prize. The campaign was promoted on both Facebook and Twitter, resulting in increased engagement on both platforms, including an increased Facebook post reach of 88 percent in just one week during the contest.

All of this activity and promotion surrounding just one event had a dramatic effect on The YGS Group’s social media engagement and reach levels, and it helped promote the YGS brand in the content sales and licensing space to a large audience. Consistent branding and the regular use of simple hashtags helped in this effort. Consider what opportunities you have to share the word about your product or service at various events this summer using cohesive hashtags and messaging, and see the connection effect in action!