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Don’t Just Live – Live Well

Don’t Just Live – Live Well

We all know the drill—morning commute, work, lunch, work, evening commute, sleep, repeat. It may often feel like this routine is all there is to living. However, we need to do more than just live. We need to live well. The YGS Group happens to have an entire team devoted to that very sentiment—The Wellness Committee.

While it may sometimes feel like a struggle to find time for exercise, healthy eating, stress relief efforts, and more undertakings we know will benefit us in the long run, The Wellness Committee works to bring those healthy habits right to the place you spend the majority of your time—at work.

Here are just a few of the initiatives introduced by our wellness gurus:

  • Wellness Wednesday Salad Bar Lunch—Associates sign up to bring one healthy salad ingredient every week and participants get together for a pot-luck style healthy meal.
  • Lunch and Learn sessions—Wellness isn’t just about diet and exercise. These Lunch and Learn sessions feature information from guest speakers on a wide range of topics, such as ideal sleep habits, how to declutter, finance management, and more. Associates need only bring their appetites—for lunch and for knowledge.
  • 10 lb. Throwdown—Associates formed teams and have pledged to log their weight every week for 10 weeks. The team with the most reported weight loss will win a prize!

Is the wellness program a success? Let’s check in with some participants:

“I like that the wellness initiatives give us opportunities to get to know our coworkers better (the ones we don’t always see/work with on a regular basis). I love that on Wednesdays lunch is easy. I don’t need to think about it, other than the one ingredient I signed up for. It’s also nice to take a little time over lunch to mingle with coworkers.

The 10 lb. Throwdown has been fun because it creates a bit of friendly internal competition, and it’s also a chance for us to all encourage one another to eat healthier and exercise more.” — Kali Eskew, marketing manager

“I like that the company supports the initiatives driven by the wellness committee. This allows us to actively participate in our wellness so our health care costs can be as low as possible.” — Lori Racey, senior managing editor

These efforts are culminating toward a wellness revolution here at The YGS Group. Tell us about the steps your company is taking to encourage living well in the comments below.